///Galvanized Collection

Galvanized Collection

Stainless steel parts with pebble texture finish, perfect for serving meals or snacks.

In this collection you will find everything to deliver the note or to service burger and potatoes, with a certain lovely retro feeling.

# Code Description U/E Unit Price
0 Bandeja ovalada GP96 Diner Platter Oval GP96

Diner Platter Oval

1 7.34 EUR
1 Bandeja ovalada GP129 Diner Platter Oval GP129

Diner Platter Oval

1 10.03 EUR
2 Bandeja redonda GP8 Diner Platter Round GP8

Diner Platter Round

1 6.89 EUR
3 Bandeja redonda GP8 Diner Platter Round GP10

Diner Platter Round

1 7.97 EUR
4 Bandeja redonda GP12 Diner Platter Round GP12

Diner Platter Round

1 8.88 EUR
5 Cubito GT33 Round Pail w/handle GT33

Round Pail w/handle - 265 ml

12 2.81 EUR
6 Cubito GT44 Round Pail w/handle GT44

Round Pail w/handle - 490 ml

12 3.14 EUR
7 Cubito GT87 Round Pail w/handle GT87

Round Pail w/handle - 4.5 L

12 17.74 EUR